Ultimate Hypnotic Confidence – Terms

  • Once a booking is made and payment is received, you will be contacted to arrange the date and time of your first session.
  • You agree to consult your GP or Clinician before booking sessions if you are suffering from severe depression and / or any other psychiatric condition, to ensure that Clinical Hypnotherapy is suitable for you.
  • Once a booking is made, no refunds are permitted.
  • Any sessions cancelled by the purchaser, or in the event of non-attendance to any sessions will be deemed as one of the sessions purchased and will not be refunded.
  • Clients wishing to cancel any session and move to another date will be permitted to do so only where this is possible. Purchasers agree this cannot be guaranteed and may therefore relinquish their right to any cancelled sessions.
  • Sessions will be held within the strictest confidence except for any information becoming known that is deemed a significant breach of English law.
  • Purchasers agree that no guarantee can be made with respect to the clients desired outcome of the three-session programme.
  • Purchasers agree to be involved in the three-session programme to help support the achievement of their desired goal.
  • In the event of in person face to face consultations being unable to proceed due to Covid related reasons including but not limited to lockdowns or isolation of either party, the purchaser agrees that sessions will be conducted online to avoid cancellation.