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Delivered To You By Founder and Pioneer Steve Miller

How To Increase Your Profile, Attain A Book Deal, & Have A Brand That Drives Clients


Are you looking to elevate your personal profile either locally or nationally to help drive a consistent flow of clients?

Do you want to receive a toolkit that will help build your PR and assist you in getting your first book deal sorted?

Would you like to receive the practical steps that will help you build a brand for your Hypnotherapy business?

The Pimp Up Your Profile Toolkit Will Offer You The Following Tools To Help Make It Happen

1. You will receive my six stage process to help develop and build a brand that attracts the clients you want.

2. Receive my creative recommendations to help elevate your PR either locally or nationally to raise your profile.

3. Take away the steps to help attain your very own book publishing deal to drive your authority as an expert.

“Steve Miller is One Of The UK’s Top Clinical Hypnotherapists and Coach” Sky TV


You Will Receive 5 Modules Which Will Include
Videos & E-Guides


  • Understanding the power of brand and its importance in driving client attraction
  • How to build a brand that you are comfortable with so that you stand out
  • The brand building toolkit to help you develop your own powerful brand


  • How to develop your PR both locally and nationally
  • How to write press releases that will engage the attention of journalists
  • The 7 PR hooks that Hypnotherapists can use to help elevate their profile


  • The step by step approach to turn a client success into enhancing your profile
  • A working example to help you understand how to make it happen for you
  • Press release samples to help you write your own


  • The 7 steps to securing a book publishing deal
  • How to produce your proposed plan for a book deal
  • Self publishing options explained


  • Online strategies that help elevate profile and boost your brand
  • How to tap into journalists online to help get your comments published
  • Managing your profile online to enhance your reputation and brand identity



About Steve Miller


Steve Miller is the Founder and Pioneer of the ‘Pimp Up Your Profile’ Toolkit. He set up his Hypnotherapy practice in 2002 and has been successful in helping thousands of people. He continues to be featured by the national newspapers including Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Daily Record, The Sun, Daily Mirror as well as a wide range of high street consumer magazines such as GQ, Zest, Closer, Cosmopolitan and Grazia.

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