The International Association Of Professional Clinical Hypnosis


The International Association of Professional Clinical Hypnosis aims to promote the highest professional standards, ethics and CPD opportunities for its members. Our members are all Diploma qualified and specialise in a number of niche areas.


Full Member: Members have completed at least two years in hypnotherapy practice and are qualified to Diploma level in hypnotherapy.

Associate member: Members hold a Diploma level qualification in hypnotherapy from a recognised training school.

Members pay an annual joining fee which is set by the Executive Committee of IAPCH.


All members of the IAPCH must sign and always adhere to the following professional code of conduct: 

I agree to abide by the following rules and regulations to maintain my membership of the International Association of Professional Clinical Hypnosis:

  • Members shall conduct their professional activities with the propriety and dignity becoming of a professional hypnotherapist.
  • No member will, under any circumstances, infringe the code of morality becoming of their profession and shall not commit any breach of conduct that would adversely reflect upon themselves, the IAPCH, or fellow members of the IAPCH.
  • No member of the IAPCH will, under any circumstances, offer or promise cures for any illness, disease, or disability.
  • No member of the IAPCH will engage in any sexual relationship with a patient/client engaged in therapy with them.
  • All members of the IAPCH will ensure their patients/clients records will remain private and confidential unless a court of law subpoenas such records.
  • All members of the IAPCH accept that any patient/client referred to them by a doctor of medicine, psychology or psychotherapy remains the clinical responsibility of that doctor and therefore shall agree to keep that doctor and other relevant agencies up to date with written report(s) of the patient’s progress.
  • No member of the IAPCH shall, under any circumstances, advise patients/clients to discontinue any course of treatment as prescribed by a Registered Prescriber.
  • All members of the IAPCH will respect the integrity of other recognised health care professionals, and, wherever indicated, will work in collaboration with such professionals.
  • No member of the IAPCH will claim to have qualifications or credentials they do not have; nor shall any member use designated letters to which they are not entitled. The title “Dr” shall not be used unless the member possesses a bona fide Medical or Academic Qualification from a Medical or Educational Establishment.
  • All members of the IAPCH accept the authority of the Executive Board regarding any breach of the above Code of Conduct. I understand that the Executive Board can suspend or terminate membership for infringement of this professional code of ethics and conduct at any time.

Supervision – Newly qualified hypnotherapists are expected to engage in this beneficial process for a minimum of 2 hours in any 3-month period during their first 2 years of practice. Thereafter, although on-going supervision is expected, the hypnotherapist / member of IAPCH will conduct and manage their own individual supervision as needed.

Continued Professional Development – Activities such as personal attendance at seminars & workshops (which may include workshops at conferences); advanced training courses; reading or writing articles; internet research; participation in research; receiving supervision or mentoring which enhances learning and development; first aid and health & safety instruction; marketing training and business development etc are considered suitable CPD activities.

Whichever activities you decide to participate in, however, you will need to structure them to comply with the following:

  • You must aim to ensure that your CPD enhances your professional practice and improves the service provided to patients and clients.
  • You must complete a minimum of 25 hours CPD each year.
  • At least 15 hours CPD must be directly related to hypnotherapy.
  • You must complete a range of CPD activities, with no more than 8 of the total CPD hours spent on any single activity in one year.
  • You must keep an up-to-date log of your CPD activities with evidence to demonstrate your participation in each activity. (You may be asked to provide suitable evidence of the previous 12 months CPD involvement at the time of annual re-registration)

What You Will Receive

All members will benefit from the following:-

Monthly Clinical CPD: Each month members will receive access to an online clinical training. This will be delivered by one of our team or a guest.

Business Development Support: Members will receive monthly access to our business advice clinic which will include a combination on online business surgeries, bulletins plus tried and tested client attraction strategies.

Press Release Service: We recognise that marketing your practice is important. All members therefore receive access to our online press release protocol top help you construct your own press releases to the local and national media.

Legal and Financial Support: Members will receive access to our online legal and financial blueprint guidance tools and access to our visiting speakers.