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Business & Marketing Coaching Packages

coachingOur Hypnotherapy Business and Coaching Packages are designed to deliver support Hypnotherapists, NLP-ers and Coaching professionals develop the business and marketing knowledge, skills, and motivation to grow their business, and drive their commercial profitability. All coaching sessions are tailored to your business and are designed to deliver practical actions to help ensure you receive the tools needed to achieve your business goals.

How Sessions Are Delivered

We believe in a personal touch so all sessions are done in person.

These may be delivered either face to face, telephone or Skype. many clients use a combination of these methods. The choice will be yours. Sessions last for around 1 hour.

‘Thank you for your excellent guidance’

Liam Hand, Hypnotherapist

Package Options

Option 1: The Single Session Boost

The Boost offers you a single session designed to immediately support you and your business. This will include:

  • Exploration of your current challenges
  • Identifying your 3 immediate business actions
  • Motivating the action and delivering the desired result

Investment: £250.00

‘Steve’s business coaching is excellent. He should charge double’

Elliot Roe, Hypnotherapist

Option 2: The 3 Session Results and Reward Package

The Results and Rewards package is designed to explore and identify your creative business and marketing actions that will support the profile and growth of your business. This will include:

  • Exploration of current challenges
  • Building a solid business vision for your practice
  • Actions to build, attract, and drive client attraction
  • Developing your online and digital marketing plan
  • Marketing strategies that are most cost effective
  • Driving your motivation to implement business actions

Investment: £750.00

‘Thank you for your excellent honest, direct and creative business support.’

Ann Jaloba, Publishing Consultant

Option 3: The VIP Business Transformation Programme

growth-buttonThe Hypnotherapy Business Transformation Programme is for those practitioner’s who have the basics in place but are now looking to take their Hypnotherapy practice to the next level. The focus is on optimising the practitioners profile, business growth, and developing commercial links with corporate organisations. This VIP programme lasts for a full year and includes:

  • Exploration of current challenges and aspirations
  • Business visioning and identifying the ideal target market
  • How to develop a brand that is aligned to the business vision
  • Website audit, review, and implementation of change
  • Designing creative and innovative client attraction strategies
  • Designing engaging newsletters, blogs and e-guides
  • Building PR including newspapers, magazines, radio and television
  • Developing corporate links to help drive an increase in revenues
  • Understanding how to pitch to corporate organisations
  • Product development: including design and marketing



Business Transformation Coaching Programme