Consultant Training Programme

HypnoJab™ is the ground-breaking tool that utilises hypnosis and behavioural change to support users to manage their appetite.

How It Works

1. Clients are coached in 3 HypnoJab™ processes.

2. Clients will be able to use any HypnoJab™ process at any time when safe to do so.

3. Clients can use 3 HypnoJab™ processes separately as needed which includes the food control, portion control, and motivational control to ultimately manage and control their appetite.

The HypnoJab™ Training Programme

Training is online and modules can be worked through at your own pace.


On September 1st 2023 you will receive an Induction pack sent to you via email. This will cover the following:

The remaining 4 Modules will be sent to students 7 days after the induction module has been sent.

Module 1: HypnoJab™ 1

Module 2: HypnoJab™ 2

Module 3: HypnoJab™ 3

Module 4: Marketing Your HypnoJab™ Practice

Module 5: HypnoJab™ Consultant Assessment Process

Training Fees

£2000 (Approximately $2560)
The programme accepts a maximum of 20 students

Programme Commences 1st September 2023

Terms and Condition

1. HypnoJab™ Consultants status is awarded upon successful completion of the written and practical case study assessments. Students agree not to practice until they have received written confirmation from Steven J. Miller that the student has passed their HypnoJab™ assessment. Terms of HypnoJab™ may change from time to time to support the quality of the brand and its Consultants.

2. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree to only work with clients on a one-to-one basis and who are 18+.

3. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree to implementing any updates to the HypnoJab™ protocol for clients as advised.

4. Once payment is made for HypnoJab™ Consultant training, a 14-day cooling off period is triggered during which time a refund will be given if required. Following this 14-day period, no refund will be permitted. If any material aligned to HypnoJab™ is downloaded before the 14-day cooling off period is completed any right to refund will be lost.

5. HypnoJab™ Consultants will adhere strictly to the protocol with clients, as directed during their training programme.

6. Should the Founder of HypnoJab™ identify any malpractice or misconduct executed by a HypnoJab™ Consultant, the HypnoJab™ Consultant in question will agree to cease practicing immediately as a HypnoJab™ Consultant and remove all marketing material aligned to HypnoJab™.

7. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree to always practice professionally and accept that they are fully responsible for any client litigation and its outcome.

8. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree to have up to date professional indemnity and public liability insurance for their practice and will adhere to all appropriate legislation including but not limited to health and safety, and data protection.

9. Applicants understand that acceptance to the programme is decided upon by Steven J. Miller and if it is deemed that a pre-paid applicant is unsuitable for the programme, will be refunded in full.

10. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree to advertise and market their HypnoJab™ service within the guidelines set out within the professional training programme. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree not to use any third-party discount advertising service such as Groupon to market their services.

11. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree to conduct themselves and execute their work with clients in alignment with the HypnoJab™ training programme.

12. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree to market their HypnoJab™ practice and services in complete alignment with the marketing guidelines set out in Module 4 of the HypnoJab™ Consultant training programme.

13. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree and accept that the HypnoJab™ service will only be delivered on a one-to-one basis and that they will not market or sell any product aligned to the HypnoJab™ brand.

14. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree to attend CPD online briefings as required to ensure that they remain fully up to date.

15. HypnoJab™ Consultants agree to conduct themselves professionally, ethically, and legally. Should any issues arise that is deemed misconduct the HypnoJab™ Consultant agrees to pause practice whilst an investigation takes place.