The Hypnotherapy Business School Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

We are proud to deliver a professional, science backed Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

As a Premium Standard provider, all our students receive a combination of online and in-classroom training and development. We utilise a range of training methods and balance academic theory and practice.

Aims Of The Programme...

1.To ensure students receive science backed hypnotherapeutic professional education.

2. To develop students to manage clients ethically, professionally and with confidence.

3. To deliver to students a range of practical interventions designed to ensure their clients receive the very best hypnotherapeutic support possible.

4. To provide professional practice and coaching for all students as necessary, to equip them to see their first intake of clients.

5. To deliver strong business and marketing support to all students, assisting them in building a highly successful practice.

Upon successful completion of the Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy, students become full members of the International Association Of Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists.

The Structure of The Diploma

Your programme runs over a five month period. During this time you will receive professional education and training both academic and practical, so that you are able to build talent as a confident and successful Clinical Hypnotherapist.

We use a range of training methods including:-

The Diploma starts march 1st 2021

Who Is This For?

A career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist is about being compassionate, proactive and solution focused. It is for those who have the natural ambition to support and care for others. It is also for those who want to have a lifestyle business that delivers as much as they wish to put in.

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Module 1:
Hypnotherapy: History, principles and contra-indications

We begin your programme by delivering a comprehensive background to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. You will learn about its history, its definitions and gain an understanding of those people for whom we do and we do not advocate hypnosis.

You will receive an online e-Guide and in addition a video in the private student group. In addition, you will be given plenty of opportunity to ask questions and gain additional insight as requested via online broadcasts.

Module 2:
The 5 Standard Stages to A Hypnotherapy session

Having understood the background to hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you will then gain detailed understanding of the 5 core stages of a clinical hypnosis session. Specifically this will include:-

You will receive an e-Guide detailing the content as outlined and in addition be invited to a Zoom training session.

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Module 3:
Clinical Practice Day Including Hypnotic Inductions

We recognise the importance of practical experience. Module 3 combines a 6 hour training day in Birmingham and also an online live interactive broadcast designed to deliver you with an opportunity to practice a number of skills, and develop your professional knowledge.

You will:-

Module 4:
Clinical Intervention Hypnotherapy Protocols

Having understood how to structure a session of clinical hypnotherapy, you will move on to learn a range of additional hypnotherapeutic general protocols. This will include:-

This will be delivered to you via an online e-Guide, tutoring via Zoom and in the private student group where you will be able to see a number of the techniques demonstrated.

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Module 5:
Managing A Client’s Clinical Presenting Conditions

In Module 5 you will gain a full understanding of how to manage a number of conditions including:-

This will be delivered via e-Guide, tutoring via Zoom, demonstrations in your private student group and a full 6 hour in classroom training day.

Module 6:
Managing Clients: Clinical Presenting Conditions

In Module 6 you will gain a full understanding of how to manage a number of conditions including:-


This will be delivered via e-Guide, tutoring via Zoom, demonstrations in your private student group and a full 6 hour in classroom training day.

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Module 7:
Clinical Practice Day

Giving you further insight and opportunity to understand deeper, and gain confidence in how to manage and deliver, what you have learnt in Modules 5 & 6.

Module 8:
Business & Marketing Seminar

We want you to be successful in the business of hypnotherapy as well as being successful clinically. Module 8 delivers you a ‘business toolkit’. Delivered online you will receive an understanding of how to launch, develop and optimise strong commercial returns for your hypnotherapy practice. Specifically you will benefit from receiving tried and tested proven business strategies, which have built a client base of up to 20 clients per week.

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Module 9:
Clinical Practice Day

In Module 9, you will receive a 6 hour clinical practice day. This will focus on preparing you for your assessment, and give you an opportunity to practice your skills.


1) A written Paper: Including a series of 30 questions. Students may use their course notes.

2) Practical Hypnosis Case Study: A self reported case study for a specific clinical condition.  

3) Practical live skill assessment: Live hypnotherapy exercise with tutor assessment.

Students are required to pass all three elements to attain the Hypnotherapy Business School, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.


As a premier standard clinical hypnotherapy organisation we understand that when our students successfully complete their Diploma that they will benefit from ongoing supervision and mentoring. We therefore provide you with 3 months ongoing supervision and mentoring held in our online Hypnotherapy Business School Graduate group.

Learn From The Very Best...Your Professional Trainers

Steve Miller MCIPD, DipHyp (Dist), BSCH

Senior Consultant and Marketing Director

Steve Miller graduated 20 years ago from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis as a Distinction Graduate. A noted rising star, he soon became renowned for his talent in hypnotherapy, supporting clients to manage weight, accelerate confidence and public speaking. Steve’s talent was noticed by Headline Publishing who awarded him 3 book publishing deals. He was later awarded a further book publishing deal from John Blake Publishers. Steve is well known for his down to earth say it as it is style and has been featured widely by mainstream television, which included presenting his own hit TV Series FAT Families on Sky 1 and Sky Living. He also presented television in the Netherlands and is regularly seen on daytime television sharing his straight talking opinions, including Good Morning Britain, ITV’s This Morning and BBC television. Steve is co-founder of the Hypno AntiDepressant which was recognised as a Health Innovation by the Sunday Telegraph and in addition is Co-Founder of the Hypno AntiAnxiety. He holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and a postgraduate qualification in counselling. He is also a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Steve leads a number of modules on the Diploma programme and takes an active role in marketing the Hypnotherapy Business School and I.A.P.C.H.

Dr Sue Peacock CPsychol, AFBPS, PhD; MSc, BSc (Hons), AdvDipH

Senior Consultant & Board Director I.A.P.C.H

Dr Sue Peacock is a leading Consultant Health Psychologist registered with the Heath and Care Professions Council. She is an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society, a Registered Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and EMDR practitioner. She has an extensive track record of supporting clients presenting with sleep disorders, chronic pain, and physical health problems, dental and medical phobias, anxiety and clinical depression for over 20 years.

Sue has won accolades including the Top Doctors Award for Psychology and a research grant to pioneer her Sleeping with Chronic Pain programme from NHS Health Innovations. She trains psychologists and hypnotherapy practitioners around the world. Sue is an external examiner for the Doctorate in Health Psychology at 2 leading Universities and a British Psychological Society approved supervisor. Sue is co-founder of the Hypno AntiDepressant which was recognised as a Health Innovation by the Sunday Telegraph and in addition is Co-Founder of the Hypno AntiAnxiety.

Sue is a published author and has been featured in academia and by the media for her work. Sue works with an empathetic practical manner with clients and recognises the need to support clients to move forward on a practical level. Sue has experience of working both in the NHS, private practice and the voluntary sector.

Christine Drane BSc (Hons)

Senior Consultant & Board Director I.A.P.C.H

Christine Drane is an Open University graduate, achieving a BA(Hons) in Humanities and an MA in History as a mature student.  She is Non-Executive Director and Senior Mentor of Steve Miller’s FATnosis brand, having lost over 10 stone the FATnosis way.  She now provides strategic advice supporting the development of the brand, working closely with Steve developing the creative elements of the FATnosis methodology. Within the International Association of Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists, she is the voice of the client, providing down to earth insight into a client’s needs, whilst also offering support to the HBS Diploma trainees.

Andrew Rondeau

Senior Consultant: Finance And Technology

Andrew Rondeau is an Entrepreneur and Business Development Consultant. He has a background in corporate business, and as a respected entrepreneur heads the global growth strategy. He also supports qualified students; coaching and developing them to turn their well-earned Diploma into a thriving business both off line and online.

Andrew’s success includes building successful commercial online business platforms and client attraction strategies for Hypnotherapists and Coaches and he was instrumental in the commercial success of Steve Miller’s renowned weight loss brand FATnosis.

Normal Price: £5995.00
Early Registration Price
(First 5 Buyers Only): £995
We Have 2 Payment Options...

Pay In Full: £995
Reservation: £195 Followed By 6 Monthly Payments Of £140 (Total payment: £1035)

The Diploma starts march 1st 2021

Please Ensure You Read And Adhere To The Terms & Conditions Below And Choose Your Payment Preference

Pay In Full

£ 995 one-off
  • 9 Modules
  • E-Guides, Videos
  • Zoom & Classroom Interaction
  • Final Assessment

Payment Plan

£ 195 Instalment Followed by £140 Monthly x 6
Total: £1035
  • 9 Modules
  • E-Guides, Videos
  • Zoom & Classroom Interaction
  • Final Assessment


These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted according to English law. All disputes arising under these terms and conditions are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


  1. 1. The ‘Practitioner’ is the HBS Diploma Holder.
  2. 2. ‘Owner’ is Dr Sue Peacock, Steve Miller and Andrew Rondeau.
  3. 3. ‘Practice’ refers to the HBS business entity.
  4. 4. ‘License Holder’ is the ‘Practitioner’ and vice versa.
  5. 5.‘License’ is the ‘Certification’ and vice versa.

Terms Of Hypnotherapy Business School Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy


  1. 1. Licence holders will only use the HBS content with clients aged 18 and above. In the event of a Practitioner being requested to work with anyone less than 18, the Practitioner will speak directly with us to gain agreement and authorisation first.
  2. 2. Practitioners agree to obtain a basic DBS check or its international equivalent and communicate this as requested by us.
  3. 3. Licence holders agree to act honestly and truthfully when using the ‘HBS’ set of tools and models, and recognise that if found to be in contravention of such conduct the licence will be withdrawn.
  4. 4. License holders agree to have professional indemnity and public liability insurance of £1million (£1,000,000) or the international equivalent and to ensure it is kept up to date.
  5. 5. Once a booking has been made you will receive further details of the HBS Diploma programme. A fourteen day refund policy is in operation from the date of booking a place on the programme. However, if any part of the programme is downloaded within the 14 day period, refunds may not be awarded.
  6. 7. Purchasers opting to use the payment plan facility recognise that full accredited certification will not be awarded until full payment is made. Any payments received via the payment plan will not be refunded outside of the refund policy described in point 5.
  7. 8. Licence holders agree that the ‘HBS’ logo and publicity must never be used to promote their own version of any hypnotherapeutic and coaching programme.
  8. 9. Licence holders agree to fully explain to all potential clients the HBS content, including who it works for and who it does not. The Practitioner shall at all time follow the tools and models of the HBS and not deviate from them.
  9. 10. Licence holders agree to work in alignment with contra indications associated with the HBS Diploma acknowledging that this model is not to be used with prospective or current clients presenting with epilepsy, a history of complex personality disorders, psychosis, or where harm may come to a client as a result of the application of the content within the HBS programme.
  10. 11. Licence holders agree to adhere to the requirements under, but not limited to, Health and Safety and Data Protection legislation (including GDPR) at all times.
  11. 12. Licence holders agree to write to a prospective client’s GP (with the expressed permission of the prospective client) as appropriate, and where it is deemed inappropriate for the prospective client to receive the HBS support, the Practitioner agrees not to work with that client.
  12. 13. Licence holders agree not to sub-licence the use of the HBS programme and its status. Licence holders agree not to sell any associated product/s to clients whilst the Licenced Practitioner is working with them.
  13. 14. Licence holders agree to work within the ethical guidelines of the HBS programme.
  14. 15. Licence holders agree not to sell this model as a self-help model, and produce any products including but not limited to MP3s, CDs, books, and associated online or offline products using this model for sale and for non-sale commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  15. 16. Licenced practitioners agree to remain professional and respectful when associating and interacting with other licence holders and clients.
  16. 17. Licenced practitioners agree to use the HBS logo on all literature relating to the model itself. Licence holders agree to pay the annual licence fee which is currently £95.00 and its international equivalent per annum to remain a HBS Consultant Licence holder. Licence holders agree to attend CPD online programmes as directed. The Licence holder agrees that fees for Licence renewal may change from time to time and will be communicated to the licence holder with reasonable notice.
  17. 18. Licence holders agree to credit the HBS programme and its status in any appropriate testimonial and publicity including both online and offline media channels.
  18. 19. Licence holders agree to be one hundred per cent solely responsible for the management, settlement, and outcome of any client or third party litigation.
  19. 20. Licence holders agree to conduct themselves ethically and professionally at all times and work in alignment with the content of the HBS licenced taught programme.
  20. 21. Licence holders agree that should any behaviour or conduct lead to a professional or ethical breach that this will result in the licence being withdrawn whilst investigated. The ultimate decision lies with us.
  21. 22. Licence holders agree that any breach of the terms of the HBS licence found following investigation, will result in the licence being withdrawn and the licence holder will take down all on and offline HBS communication.
  22. 23. Licence holders agree and recognise that the terms and conditions of the HBS licence may change from time to time to advance the HBS brand. In such circumstances any amendment to terms and conditions will be reasonable and communicated for discussion with the HBS before being implemented.
  23. 24. Practitioners agree and accept that their practice may be inspected at any time. Reasonable notice deemed by the HBS owners will be given of such visits and agreed with the Practitioner. Should the Practitioner’s premises be deemed unfit for the HBS brand then the Licence will be withdrawn temporarily whilst requested changes are actioned.
  24. 25. The Practitioner agrees that client sessions conducted by the Practitioner may be assessed for quality purposes from time to time.
  25. 26. If a Practitioner loses their licenced status the Practitioner agrees to remove all HBS communications from their practice, and any other associated business to which the Practitioner is associated. This includes, but is not limited to, the Practitioners website, and their marketing communications.
  26. 27. Licence holders are solely responsible for the use and execution of the HBS licence.
  27. 28. The owners are not liable in connection for the provision of the services of the HBS or the Licence holders breach in relation to his or her obligations to adhere to HBS Licence requirements.
  28. 29. Licenced Practitioners agree not to use any third party discount organisations including but not limited to Groupon.
  29. 30. Licence holders agree not to distribute any HBS material, documents, and correspondence to parties outside the Licenced Practitioners network.
  30. 31. Licence holders agree to respect the rights of Dr. Sue Peacock, Steven John Miller and Andrew Rondeau as the sole owners of the HBS model, copyright and materials.
  31. 32. Licence holders agree to credit appropriate testimonials with that of the ‘HBS’ model.
  32. 33. Licenced Practitioners agree to use the copy provided under separate cover to promote and sell the HBS programme to their clients.
  33. 34. Licence holders agree to use the HBS model on a 1-1 basis only unless otherwise agreed by the owners.
  34. 35. Licence holders are solely responsible for their own client attraction and business results.
  35. 37. A HBS Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of assignments aligned to the diploma modules and a final exam. Any sssignments must be completed within a month of receiving the module. The decision of awarding the HBS Diploma and Licensed status is the sole decision of us.
  36. 38. Where classroom training cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances such as Covid related lockdown or tutor illness, the content of this training will be delivered online.