FATnosis Accreditation Programme – Terms

Terms & Conditions of Becoming A FATnosis Licensed Certified Practitioner

To ensure consistent improvement and a quality brand that Practitioners can be proud of it is important to have a fair and professional set of terms and conditions.

Definitions: The ‘Practitioner’ is the FATnosis License holder. ‘Owner’ is Steven John Miller, otherwise known as Steve Miller. ‘License Holder’ is the ‘Licensed Practitioner’ and vice versa. ‘License’ is the ‘Practitioner’ & ‘Certification’ and vice versa.

  1. License holders agree to only work with clients over the age of 18.
  2. License holders agree to adhere to the FATnosis model when delivering the service to their clients.
  3. License holders agree to have professional indemnity and public liability insurance of £1,000,000 or the international equivalent and are solely responsible for keeping their insurances up to date.
  4. Purchasers opting to use payment plan facilities recognize and agree that full accreditation will not be awarded until full payment is made. Purchasers acknowledge that they have 14 days from the date of making payment to cancel and request a refund. Those using a payment plan agree that payment instalments are non-refundable except for the first instalment should a cancellation be made within 14 days of its process. However, purchasers agree that any download of the FATnosis programme may automatically mean that they lose their right to any refund.
  5. Purchasers agree that they will be granted their Licensed Accreditation once they have completed their assessments successfully and agree that the sign off will ultimately be the decision of Steve Miller, the Founder and Owner of FATnosis.
  6. License holders agree to strictly adhere to the content of their FATnosis training.
  7. License holders agree to adhere to the requirements set out in but not limited to health and safety and Data Protection legislation (including GDPR).
  8. License holders agree not to sub license the use of FATnosis or sell any associated products to clients or the public without prior permission from Steve Miller.
  9. License holders agree to always conduct themselves ethically and professionally.
  10. License holders agree to being one hundred percent responsible for the management, settlement and outcome of any client or third-party litigation.
  11. License holders agree that should any behaviour or conduct lead to a professional or ethical breach that their license will be withdrawn whilst investigated. The ultimate decision lies with Steve Miller, the director and owner of FATnosis.
  12. License holders agree that any breach of the terms of the FATnosis License following investigation will result in the license being withdrawn and the license holder will automatically take down and remove all on and offline marketing or communications aligned to FATnosis.
  13. License holders agree that any social media promotion as a FATnosis Practitioner will stand alone and not be associated with any other model of weight management model or product. License holders agree that any social media platform used to promote their status must be headed with their name and the two words ‘FATnosis Practitioner’. For example, ‘Steve Miller, FATnosis Practitioner’.
  14. Licensed Practitioner agree to attend CPD / online update sessions.
  15. Licensed holders agree to pay their annual £95 status renewal fee or its international equivalent where appropriate.
  16. License holders agree not to use any third-party discount promotional organisations to market or sell their services as a FATnosis Licensed Practitioner.
  17. License holders agree to respect the rights of the FATnosis founder Steve Miller as the sole owner of FATnosis.
  18. License holders agree to use their FATnosis status on a 1-1 basis only.
  19. License holders are responsible for their own client attraction.
  20. License holders accept that these terms may change from time and will adhere to fair changes to the terms as appropriate.
  21. Practitioners agree to market their status as a Certified FATnosis Practitioner as directed by Steve Miller.