CPD Programmes For Registered Hypnotherapists

We deliver a number of evidence based prestigious and exclusive clinically oriented CPD programmes for practicing Hypnotherapists. In addition we offer a portfolio of business and marketing tools to support Hypnotherapist build and grow a commercially focused practice.

Authoritarian And Motivational
Hypnosis CPD Programme

Learn Motivational Hypnosis The Steve Miller Way And Deal With Stubborn, De-Motivated, & ‘Stuck’ Clients Faster.

Developed and pioneered by Steve Miller, this is a unique style of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Coaching that helps to motivate and inspire your clients positively to take action!

Its application is vast and can be used with clients presenting with a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, confidence issues, weight management, smokers, fears and phobias and more.

Hypno AntiDepressant (Incorporating Hypno AntiAnxiety)

Developed and pioneered by Dr Sue Peacock and Steve Miller, The premier ‘Hypno AntiDepressant’ was recognised in 2018 by The Sunday Telegraph as a ‘Health Innovation’.

The breakthrough programme delivers evidenced based, solution focused tools and strategies for Hypnotherapists to support their clients presenting with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. The programme includes a full range of hypnotherapeutic tools including scripts that can be tailored to the client’s needs, and coaching interventions designed to help the client move positively forward.

Upon completion of the programme and assessment, students become an accredited Hypno AntiDepressant and Hypno AntiAnxiety Licensed Practitioner.