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Clinical Hypnotherapy Business Transformation Coaching Programme (2995)

If You Are A Clinical Hypnotherapist or Coaching Professional Looking For Significant Business Transformation…This Is For You

Let Us Work With You One-One-One
And Your Business will GROW!


Please Note: I am only accepting 10 people into this
coaching program

Dear Friend,

When I left a well-paid job over 10 years ago I could have easily purchased a business coaching plan for £75. In fact I could have received pretty decent guidance and support absolutely free by doing a Google search.

Instead I paid out £3,000 for a top business coach to work with me one-to-one to build and develop a plan that would take my business from strength to strength.

As we worked together my coach and I explored everything that was important to me in building my business. He guided my actions and as we worked together I was implementing business strategies that elevated the growth of my business.

I built a business that delivered strong commercial results.

This was money well spent….

Could I have done this without my coach?

Most probably but I know it would have taken me many more months if not years to achieve the results I did.

I was willing to pay the extra money to get personal, one-on-one coaching from a bonafide expert in the field.

And guess what…I’m not alone…

Some business owners prefer the person to person monthly contact as opposed to doing all their business coaching online
They Want Somebody To Talk To

stock-photo-portrait-of-a-scared-businessman-with-duct-tape-on-mouth-isolated-on-white-conceptual-image-143011783It’s true. People are getting tired of going through different pieces of information, researching on Google and then deciding upon what action to take.

These days business owners want advice, solutions and quick results.

You don’t get that from books and researching for hours and hours.

Any another thing…books cannot answer your specific questions.

When you get stuck it would be great to be able to email an expert…and get an answer.

When you are unsure of what action to take, it would be great to communicate with an expert…and get some personal feedback.

Business owners not only want information that is going to grow their business, they want interaction with an expert.

With My Brand New Business Transformation Programme You Will Meet With Me Either In Person Or Via Skype Every Month Where I Will Guide You To Take Your Business To That Next Level, Just As I Did Several Years Ago

stock-photo-business-man-writing-coaching-concept-104979254This personal coaching programme is for you if you are a skilled and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist or Coaching Professional, and looking for a quality business development programme delivered by leading experts in the Clinical Hypnotherapy business.

The programme is definitely for you if you have the desire and drive to grow and transform your practice into a highly successful business.

But perhaps you lack the direction, belief and/or business focus you need to make it happen.

It is specifically for Clinical Hypnotherapists or Coaching Professionals who are looking for significant business transformation and who are prepared to commit their time and energy to achieving it!

“Deciding to work with Steve on the Business Transformation Programme is probably the best business decision I have ever made. As a direct result of implementing the strategies, my workload has steadily increased to the point where I now work with 15+ clients a week. I have really benefited from Steve’s advice which has been tailored to my business.
If you are a hypnotherapist who is serious about growing your business and helping more people, I would recommend you work with Steve.”
Dan Regan Hypnotherapist

Business Transformation
Coaching Programme Goals

The programme is an exclusive business programme for Clinical Hypnotherapists or Coaching Professionals determined to establish their practice by:

1. Driving the business profile of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Coaching Professionals by utilising cutting edge marketing strategies.

2. Implementing a range of cost effective client attraction strategies.

3. Delivering brand awareness of the practice by developing strong PR.

4. Increasing the average spend per client by developing a strong pool of high paying clients by tapping into the corporate market.

5. Building a product development plan to drive business revenues and earn whilst you sleep.

You will work with me personally (and my on-line expert) over a 12 month period, 1-2-1 (face to face in person or via Skype). I will personally lead you through the 5 fundamental modules of creating the Hypnotherapy or Coaching business you want over a 12 month period where I will conduct a coaching session each month.

Between sessions, you will have to take action but I am available for email support.

Business Transformation Coaching Programme Outline

Module 1: Developing Your Hypnotherapy Practice Business Vision

  • The importance and relevance of your business vision
  • Painting the business vision for your clinical hypnotherapy business
  • Identifying your primary and secondary business niche
  • Identifying your target market and communicating with them
  • How to ensure your efforts remain focused so that you achieve the vision

Module 2: Client Attraction Strategies: Helping You Stand Out

  • Website audit: Ensuring your website drives client enquiries
  • Social media made simple: How to engage and build your audience
  • How to build a strong social media presence so that it drives enquiries
  • The art of building a quality audience list for your clinical hypnotherapy business
  • Engaging with your list to drive client enquiries and upsell your services

Module 3: Achieving PR and Securing a Book Deal

  • How to engage and build relationships with local and national media
  • The art of writing press releases to capture the attention of the media
  • How to make contact and hook the media to receive free press coverage
  • How to grow your expert status by securing a book publishing deal
  • The key strategies to influence and ensure you attain a literary agent

Module 4: Tapping Into The Corporate Market

  • How to build relationships with corporate organisations
  • Pitching your Clinical Hypnotherapy business so that it engages corporate organisations
  • How to build a pipeline of corporate executives to your hypnotherapy practice
  • Strategies to build an opportunity to deliver stress management and associated training programmes for corporate businesses
  • Designing and implementing a referral process

Module 5: Product Development

  • Identifying the gap in the market so that your product delivers something fresh
  • How to develop your product simply and in a cost effective fashion
  • Marketing and selling your product online using a cost effective solution
  • Strategies to add upsell and cross sell opportunities with your products
  • How to receive free publicity for your products to increase awareness
“Steve has helped me grow and expand my business rapidly and with his confidence in me I am now charging my worth. Every penny spent has generated solid returns. My client base is up to 17 per week and I am looking forward to building my online product range.” .
Nicola Beattie Clinical Hypnotherapist

Here’s How We Personally Work Together One-On-One To Grow Your Clinical Hypnotherapy / Coaching Business

Within 24 hours of receiving your payment, I shall make contact to schedule the first 1-2-1. This can be face to face or via Skype…meaning you could be anywhere in the world.

We are available via email for all your support / advice type questions. You can ask for advice on making choices, feedback on your options, clarification on something you are unsure of, assistance for overcoming a barrier or anything else related to any of the sessions.

But that’s Not All

You will also receive 12 months of on-going business support.

And you will receive complementary access to all
Business Masterclasses


Business Transformation Coaching Mastermind Group


As part of the programme, you will be invited to attend a Business Summit. This will provide the opportunity to work with other Clinical Hypnotherapists / Coaching Professionals generating and sharing advanced business strategies for your business.

This Coaching Programme is so powerful and valuable I know it will transfer your business fast and you’ll benefit in numerous ways…giving you returns way more than your investment.

By implementing what you will learn on this programme I have:

1. Developed a practice where I am now so busy I turn clients away.

2. Over 10,000 ‘Likes’ on my Clinical Hypnotherapy Facebook page.

3. Achieved regular PR that drives client enquiries to my business.

4. Signed 5 book publishing deals that have positioned me as an expert

5. Developed relationships with the corporate market to drive new clients.

6. Designed online products that ensure I also drive revenue even whilst I sleep.


And, believe it or not, it won’t cost you a fortune!

If you wanted to hire me for one day, you can expect to pay up to £3000.00 (and you could double that if you include my on-line expert)…making £6000.00 for a day of our time.

Of course, you won’t be paying £6000.00…even though it would certainly be worth every penny of that!

The investment in your Clinical Hypnotherapy / Coaching Business is just £2995.

You can pay £2995 in one go or 3 payments of £1025.

As you are paying for our time, there are no refunds available.

“I am so pleased to have signed up to your VIP programme. I really needed to refresh my business as the market place has changed, and despite my best efforts I was not seeing as many clients as I used to. But now I have a niche and I am no longer sitting and waiting for something to happen. I now have as much energy and excitement for my business as I did in the beginning” .
Fiona Sarrll, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Reminder: I can only accept 10 Clinical Hypnotherapists / Coaching Professionals at a time.
Join now while spots are available!
It can be face-to-face or international via Skype

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Your World Class Coach

Steve Miller


Steve Miller (Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author and TV Presenter) has been running a private practice for over 10 years and has learnt by making lots of mistakes as well as implementing business strategies that has seen his practice build strongly.

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Business Transformation Coaching Programme Order Form

10 Clinical Hypnotherapists / Coaching Professionals only

Yes, I want this personalized coaching that will help my Clinical Hypnotherapy / Coaching Business Grow Fast

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