Best ExamPal Certification Programme

Hypnotherapists, NLP-ers and Mindset Coaching Professionals.

Become A Certified ‘Best ExamPal’ Hypnotherapy Practitioner & Add A Quality Service to Your Practice

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Best ExamPal Certification Programme

Best ExamPal is the first ever comprehensive Certification for Hypnotherapists, Mind Coaching Professionals and NLP-ers who want to deliver hypnotherapy and coaching to students seeking support to reduce anxiety and manage their exams successfully.

Empowering Hypnotherapists to Help Students Excel

Welcome to Best ExamPal, a comprehensive training program designed to designed to equip Hypnotherapists, Coaching Professionals and NLP-ers with the skills and knowledge to deliver an effective hypnotherapy support, that helps students conquer exam anxiety, enhance memory recall, and master the exam environment.

This course is designed by award-winning and expert Hypnotherapists Daniel L. McDermid and Steven J. Miller.

Course Overview

The Best ExamPal training program provides a step-by-step protocol for Hypnotherapists to follow, ensuring consistent and effective delivery of hypnotherapy and coaching sessions. The course includes detailed instructions on hypnotherapy techniques, coaching strategies, session structure, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) principles, emotional coaching, and an evidence based healthy dietary guide to support student focus.

You will learn how to deliver a comprehensive 3 Session Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme for your clients.

Your Best ExamPal Certification Programme
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Session 1: Reducing Exam Anxiety

Module 1 will equip you with the skills to deliver your first client session.

Specifically, you will learn the following:

1. Guided Hypnotic Mastery:
- Use hypnotic mastery techniques and guided imagery.
- Introduce hypnotic suggestions focused on reducing anxiety and increasing confidence.

2. Positive Affirmations:
- Embed positive affirmations within the hypnotherapy session.
- Reinforce a positive mindset towards exams.

3. Anchoring Calmness:
- Teach students to associate feelings of calmness with specific triggers, whist eliminating anxiety.

4. REBT Principles:
- Introduce the ABC model (Activating event, Beliefs, Consequences) to help students understand and dispute irrational beliefs about exams.
- Guide students in identifying and challenging negative thought patterns.

5. Emotional Coaching:
- Provide coaching on how to handle emotional responses and the tricks of the mind.
- Teach techniques such as cognitive restructuring and reframing to manage exam-related stress.

6. Coaching Technique: Stress Management Skills

Session 2: Enhancing Memory Recall

Module 2 will equip you with the skills to deliver your second client session.

Specifically, you will learn the following:

1. Hypnotic Mnemonics:
- Guide students in creating mnemonic devices during an alert state as well as under hypnosis.

2. Visualization Techniques Under Hypnosis:
- Use guided visualization to reinforce information retention.

3. Memory Enhancement Suggestions:
- Provide hypnotic suggestions to strengthen neural pathways.

4. Hypnotic Repetition and Spacing:
- Incorporate principles of repetition and spacing within hypnotherapy.

5. Coaching Technique: Memory Strategies:
- Teach effective memory techniques, such as chunking and association.
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Session 3: Rehearsal of an Exam Environment

Module 3 will equip you with the skills to deliver your third client session.

Specifically, you will learn the following:

1. Simulated Exam Environment Under Hypnosis:
- Create a realistic exam simulation to practice staying calm and focused.

2. Guided Exam Practice:
- Use hypnosis to guide students through practice tests.

3. Time Management Techniques Through Hypnosis:
- Teach time management strategies within a hypnotic context.

4. Sleep and Rest Hypnotherapy:
- Provide suggestions for better sleep and rest.

5. Study Planning Under Hypnosis:
- Guide students in visualizing and planning their study schedules.

6. Coaching Technique: Exam Strategies:
- Coach students on effective exam techniques and relaxation methods.
Bonus Material – Evidence Based Healthy Dietary Guide To Help Students Focus

You will receive a guide that you will be able to give your clients including brain boosting foods, meal planning, hydration and healthy snacking.

Certification and Continuing Education

Upon completion of the training program, therapists will receive Certification as a Best ExamPal Practitioner. Continuing education modules will be available to keep skills updated and introduce new techniques.

PLUS...You will also join the private 'Best ExamPal' study group on Facebook which forms part of your training programme.

Standard Price: £695.00
EARLY BIRD: £195 (*30 Places Available)
The Full Programme Will Be Delivered To Your Email Address On 1st October 2024

Terms and Conditions


1. Once an order is placed it will be sent to your inbox on the same day, unless you are ordering for a specific date such as the launch date.

2. Purchasers agree that this transaction is a business to business one in their capacity as a self employed Hypnotherapist. Mind Coach or NLP-er. Purchasers agree that any download of the programme and / or access to the Facebook student group
means that any request for refund will be refused, whilst still retaining rights aligned to any other associated English law.

3. You agree not to forward this online Programme to any third party.

4. Purchasers agree that they are solely responsible for the execution of this online product and its content when working with clients, including outcomes, client complaints and third-party litigation.

5. Purchasers agree that this product may only be used with clients aged 18 plus or in partnership with parents (who must attend client sessions) up to the age of 18.

6. Purchasers agree to ensure full 100% adherence to the teachings within this online Programme.

7. Purchasers understand that as this is a business-to-business transaction no automatic right to refund will be granted when the Programme is purchased if a purchaser changes their mind. This B2B contract is governed and interpreted by the scope of UK law. You recognise that you will need to join the private student Facebook group which forms part of the teaching programme. 

8. You agree to use the contents of this Programme in your capacity as a Hypnotherapist, NLP-er and / or Mind Coach.

9. You agree responsibility for the technical downloads of this online product.

10. You recognize and accept that full professional conduct and ethical practice be always followed.

11. Accreditted Certification status is issued upon successful completion of the short assessment sent to students when they request it. Once signed off by Steve Miller or Daniel McDermid, you will be able to use the accreditation logo and attract your clients.