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Authoritarian Hypnosis Weight Loss Master Licenced Programme

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The Brand New Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Method

Steve PicSteve Miller is the UK’s straight talking Clinical Hypnotherapist, Motivator and Coach. He is also a TV host, international published author, and recognised leader in the field of authoritarian hypnosis for weight loss. Over the last five years he has developed an authoritarian hypnotherapeutic and motivational coaching model that has seen hundreds of his clients lose weight by using:

1. A model of authoritarian hypnosis that is direct in style and ensures clients take personal responsibility for themselves
2. A number of motivational tools tailored to the client’s needs and designed to drive immediate and long term weight loss
3. A straight talking and excuse limiting coaching process that sets strong boundaries throughout the time working with clients

“Steve Miller is One Of The UK’s Top Clinical Hypnotherapists and Coach” Sky TV

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The Brand New Hypnosis Programme That Ensures Clients
Take Personal Responsibility, Increase Their Self Motivation and
Lose Weight Weekly

During the programme you will:

1. Receive the full authoritarian model including scripts, motivational tools, and the coaching process which is set out for you to use with clients.

2. Receive menu plans using the 80-20 rule to hand to your clients so that they are empowered to also develop their own eating habits.

3. Gain access to guidance to help you develop your very own authoritarian weight loss audio products to use as an up-sell with clients you work with.

4. Receive the Authoritarian Hypnotic Weight Loss Master Programme Binder containing full handout material to take away and use with your clients.

5. Enjoy a full month of email support once the programme is completed to ensure you are confident using the Authoritarian Hypnotic Weight Loss Master Programme.

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All licenced practitioners will be added to our National Directory and circulated to clients and our database of those actively seeking an accredited Weight Loss Master Hypnotherapist.

The Structure Of The Programme

Registered Hypnotherapists will attend a weekend programme and receive a 1-1 post programme support work book for completion. Once successfully completed practitioners will be certificated and licenced to use the Authoritarian Weight Loss Master Programme. In addition licenced practitioners are offered a full month post programme tailored email and telephone support.

Module 1: Fundamentals Of The Authoritarian Hypnosis Weight Loss Master Programme

The first module of the programme focuses upon delivering the tools, skills and techniques of the Authoritarian Hypnosis Weight Loss master programme. You will receive the full model to use with your clients and the knowledge of how to use this in practice.

Introduction and Aims

The Programme Overview
– Contra indications and set up
– Session structure
– Pre client work

The Authoritarian Client Case History
– Setting the right environment
– The pre question template
– Setting up client accountability

The 6 Session Authoritarian Weight Loss Programme Structure
– Understanding the 6 session protocol
– Email templates to use between sessions

The Scripts Tailored for Authoritarian Weight Loss Hypnosis
– Scripts for sessions 1-6
– Managing the tone and delivery of scripts
– How to adjust and tailor the authoritarian script

Motivational Tools To Use With Clients Between Sessions
– Motivational tools for session 1 to 6

Integrating the Motivational Coaching Style
– Case study examples

Briefing For Module 2

End Of module 1

Module 2

Review of Module 1

Meal Plans To Hand To Your Clients
– Explaining the 80-20 rule
– The portion plan brief for clients
– Handout material for your clients

How to Develop Authoritarian Weight Loss Master Audios For Your Client
– Development and delivery stages explained

Practical Sessions Integrating All Elements of The Authoritarian Model
– Open Q&A discussion

Marketing Your Licenced Status
– Entry on the National Database
– Marketing strategies to sell your service

Post Programme Support Explained


Date and Venue

Central London: Saturday 7th March and Sunday 8th March 2015

Venue: Central London Hotel TBC

Timings: 10.00am – 5.00pm Each Day

Programme Fee:
Price: £2,495.00

Please note that this programme is only open to those Clinical Hypnotherapists who are registered with a professional body such as BSCH, GHR, NCH and who hold up to date insurance.

Those who successfully complete the mini assessment will be awarded licensed status.

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  • The event will start at 10.00am promptly
  • No filming is permitted at this event
  • Once a reservation for the event is made no refunds will be permitted
  • Places at this event are strictly limited
  • We reserve the right to change dates. If so an alternative date will be communicated